Houseboat Pick Ups

Playing at Lake Powell often means ski boats, personal watercraft and houseboats. You can stay on a houseboat with your family and still fish with a Lake Powell fishing guide. Captain Kevin Campbell will pick you up and drop you off at your houseboat so you can enjoy the day fishing while the rest of your party spends the day as they choose.

There are many places to “park” a houseboat along the shores of Lake Powell. Before you depart the marina, choose a base camp where you will park the houseboat for a day or two, let Kevin know and he will motor out to your location and pick you up.

I’m happy to meet you at your anchored houseboat. I’ll just need to know the name or the rental number of the houseboat and the location on the lake where I can find you. We’ll work out the details over the phone and e mail. I’ll hail your boat on VHF channel 16 when motoring out to your location. Prices may vary due to distance from the Page area to your location.

Please be aware that additional fuel charge will be added to the guide fee for destinations east of Gunsight Bay. While the Castle Rock Cut  is dry, half day house boat pick ups will only be available for destinations near Page. Other house boat trips will be full day trips.

If you don’t own a houseboat or a timeshare, you can rent one at Lake Powell. Explore the lake in style.


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